Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kids' Classes

Hi hi !!
Yeah, the March hols are coming up and the girls are so looking forward to having a break !

I'll also be running 2 kids' classes at Scraplicious, and will certainly be looking forward to seeing u and your kids there.

Here are the details. Just click on the preferred date to sign up online ! You can even choose to do both as they are run back to back with a half hr break in between :)

Class 1:   I made this !!

Dates:  Monday, 14th Mar 2-3pm  OR   Saturday, 19th Mar 4-5pm
Venue:  Scraplicious (Parkway Parade #B53-54)  tel: 6345 8600

Class 2:   Family and Frens !

Dates: Monday, 14th Mar 3.30-5pm OR Saturday, 19th Mar 2-3.30pm

Venue: Scraplicious (Parkway Parade #B53-54) tel: 6345 8600

Hope to see you there ! Feel free to email me if u have any queries :)

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Sandy Ang said...

Hope you have a great time with your kids during the school hols. And have fun the the kids class - I taught 30 primary schoolers once and it was a riot !