Monday, January 11, 2010

Cold Shock !!

Florida's been experiencing a cold front since last Thursday, and temperatures dropped to below freezing yesterday night ! We were totally happy in our warm jackets and loving the cold, but some others are not so lucky.

With just their shells for warmth, these sea turtles have been "cold shock-ed" - as hundreds made their way to more inland waters for warmth. Akin to symptoms of pneumonia and hypothermia that we humans could encounter, the volunteers at the Loggerhead MarineLife Center have been totally overwhelmed, rescuing and nursing these animals back to health. 

Check out this cutie ...

his name is Dasher and was picked up on Christmas Eve. He had lascerations (possibly by a shark) on its lower shell and needed surgery

Some 500 sea turtles have been stranded by the cold spell and the Florida authorities are coping as best they can. 31 sea turtles now occupy the tanks of Loggerhead MarineLife Center, when previously they have on average 7-8 patients. We visited them today and were just inspired at the civic consciousness and social responsibility of these wonderful volunteers. My hope is that the girls will take this spirit with them as they grow and be active agents, bettering their environment around them.

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