Wednesday, November 26, 2008


R aced her golf with golds in both the qualifiers - so now on to the finals end of this week. This is the 3rd year she's taking part in Superjuniors but still... wow... my little girl is cool... i would be shaking at any measure of a competition of any sort, but she's really quite calm and collected. Lots of credit goes to hubby - in just the way he handles R, i guess.

To us, it was never really about the medals but the lessons she takes away from a competition such as this - what the values of sportsmanship are, the values of discipline, and others like complacency, focus, and the strength to pick up from pitholes. So bear with me as i am going to tell a little story...

There was once a little girl, very good at her sport, and won her first game (from what i hear from her dad who was the caddy ...) hands down. Going into her second game, she was slightly swell headed, and underestimating her opponents, hit a bad shot right from the first hole (into the bunker). Taking all the resolve a 7-year old could muster, she had to try her best to recover from it (of cos' not without some watery eyes in between) and trailed behind. She was down the first 5 holes behind the leader, and only began regaining her confidence from the 6th hole onwards, and evened the score at the 7th, after which went on to win the 9-hole game by just 1 point.

So we shall see what unravels as the finals take place next thurs and fri as they play and take the total score of the 2 games. ha haa... stay tuned :)


Genesis said...

way to go R! you know all our love is behind you :) Our little champion!! Want an immediate sms/call after the finals!

Audrey Pettit said...

What an awesome story! Congrats to little R!